Draw cute ballpointpen birds

Some weeks ago I partizipated on a course by Gigi Chen (a very talented female illustrator!), where I learned to draw cute ballpointpen birds.

I was suprised how in such a short time I was taught all the different steps.

This course was amazing and I´ve learned a lot! It was especially great, because I like to draw with strokes and hatchings.

I discovered these wonderful ballpointpen birds in an advertisment on sketchbook and I wanted to be able to draw like this too.

What I enjoy the most is how lifelike birds can be created that way.

So I decided to join Gigi´s course. And it was a excellent choice.

You can see my results from this course below. I´m very happy about it! 🙂 Thanks Gigi! 🙂

I think I want to draw more of these birds in the future, it is a lot of fun.

What are your thoughts about this art style and technique? Would you like to see more of it on my page?

Are there any other animals you would like to see drawn specifically?

If you want to find out even more about this technique, please follow the link above or write me an email.

See you soon… Caro

draw cute ballpointpen birds
Magpie | 2020 | ballpointpen on paper
draw cute ballpointpen birds
Bluejay | 2020 | ballpointpen on paper

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